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Mexican Matzo

Jesus (Hey-Seuss), a Mexican American (un-documented)was a huge Tom Brady fan (Kraft Food's) and now roots for the Steeler's (Heinz Tomato's), received a call from his mother Terry late Sunday evening informing him that his cousin Jose, on the Gonzalez side, called and wanted to know if he could make it to Mexico City by Wednesday to act as his best man and to help him prepare for his wedding to Eva, his girlfriend of 13 years as he has just offered her his hand in marriage and wants to seal the deal before he gets cold feet. 

Jesus, in order to speed things up starts packing right away.  It's a two-day trip so he is preparing to leave first thing (Monday) morning and must have enough food to last him for his 48-hour Juggerknot. With limited time and resources, Jesus has to figure out how to fit all of his belongings into one small backpack. 


He's starving and in a moment of clarity decides to whip up some flour tortilla using only the best kosher ingredients that include organic vegetable shortening similar to (Little Debbie) Snack Cakes, (Ho Hos) use pig lard and (Bimbo's) Bread will occupy too much room in his small backpack.  In his rush he noticed that he still had some slightly dried Jalapeno's in his pantry and decided to add them to his batter.  Luckily there were no sun-dried tomatoes as he would have had to make a game time decision whether to gamble with his time and add them to the mix.  


Mexican Matzo was the name Jesus gave his creation.


The End.






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